Manage Transformation

Transformational coaching for Business Leaders will assist them in obtaining the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve, gain key expertise about how to conduct digital change, and understand the principles behind disruptive innovation.

Leading Digital

Company executives must have a basic understanding of what "digital transformation" entails to be successful in leading a digital change initiative. This programme provides the basics that will enable them to manage it effectively.

Emerging Technologies

Business executives get the essential knowledge they need to make decisions about technology investments and understand how their businesses can benefit from digital transformation initiatives.

Leading Digital

Non-technical business leaders need to be empowered to lead digital transformation programs while aligning them with the company’s overall strategy.

Areas of focus in this programme are :

  • Digital Business Transformation
  • Building Digital Capabilities
  • Building Leadership Capabilities
  • A use case workshop for your Industry

Program brief :

  • Time required : 180 mins
  • Target Audience : Non technical Business Leaders
  • Delivery : Online or Onsite
  • Objective : Foundations of Digital Transformation Programmes