Network Solution

Solution-oriented traffic goodness.

Whether you are updating a single intersection or integrating an entire smart city project, Sensys Networks provides everything you need for accurate traffic detection

Adaptive Control Detection

Accurate wireless advance detection for adaptive control

The precise detection accuracy of our FlexMag sensor is ideal for all adaptive control standards – SCOOT, SCATS®, and ACS Lite, among others. And because they’re wireless with no trenching needed, advance detection – even around curved approaches – is easier than ever.

Bicycle Presence

Accurate real-time bicycle actuation, including non-ferrous bike frames

We take bicycle safety and your Vision Zero goals seriously. That’s why we offer two cutting-edge options for granting green lights to your bicyclists and electric scooter riders.

First, our easy to deploy FlexRadar sensor accurately detects bicycles near the stopbar, including non-ferrous bike frame materials like carbon fiber. FlexRadar can be installed in either dedicated bike lanes or shared lanes, where bikes and other vehicles can be differentiated, enabling the controller to extend green when bicycles are present. Plus, the sensors are easy to add for bicycle counts or onto existing Sensys Networks signal actuation systems.

Now, we also offer a smartphone app, GiveMeGreen!”, that enables bicyclists and electric scooter riders to be automatically detected up to 300 feet from the intersection. The app communicates with the FlexControl gateway installed at the signalized intersection to trigger agency-defined detection zones and signal timings.

Parking Detection

Parking space occupancy detection for on-street, off-street & truck parking

FlexRadar has proven in head-to-head tests to offer superior accuracy to other parking space occupancy sensors, to inform directed enforcement and optimize parking policy. Plus, by integrating with existing Sensys Networks traffic data systems and bicycle detection, agencies can leverage a complete multi-modal platform for Smart City initiatives.

Ramp Metering

Accurate wireless detection for freeway ramp actuation

Leveraging the same wireless standard as our freeway count stations, our FlexMag sensors can be easily added to freeway on-ramps for a complete freeway detection solution. No wires or trenches are necessary and the sensors themselves are far more durable than loop detectors.

Signal Actuation

Accurate and extensible detection for semi and full signal actuation

We’ve built our reputation on reliable, cost-effective and highly accurate signal actuation at the intersection. Our wireless FlexMag sensors can be easily deployed from a single approach, to full-actuation with turn pockets, to turn movement counts, advance detection and mid-block counts. Furthermore, the same infrastructure is easily extended to measure travel time on arterials, and even count bicycles in dedicated bike lanes or detect bicycle presence at the stop-bar.


Sensys Networks is a leading provider of wireless traffic detection and data solutions for Transportation agencies and smart cities. Founded in 2003, Sensys Networks has deployed its innovative technology in over 80 countries and 40 U.S. states, helping traffic agencies optimize their operations, reduce congestion, enhance safety, and improve mobility. Sensys Networks offers a comprehensive platform of accurate detection methods, advanced data analytics, and seamless integration with existing systems. For more information, visit or call 1.510.548.4620