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At Zip-loans Small business is our business.

At ZIP-Loans we offer the largest network of banks and private party connections. We strive to make your loan process the easiest around by walking you through every step in the process. We don’t just blast your info out to everyone in-fact we never give your info out without your express consent. After we receive your getting started application one of our team members will contact you by phone within 45mins. We will discuss which of our lenders would give you the best offer. After that we will with your permission submit your application to the lender for approval.

​Have you been turned down at the large banks and other company’s offering Small Business Loans well things are about to change. Fill out the easy contact form below and a representative will contact you within minutes to help you get started with the application process.

A Loan Product For Every Situation


In need of a capital loan to build your business? We offer up to 5 million for business loans. We work with people that have 525 Credit score and above giving you a further reach to gain capital


Looking for a short term interest only loan to flip that house or renovate your current property? We have you covered our easy online portal will get you the offers you need and fast.


Looking to purchase a new building or property to expand and grow your business? Offering rates as low as 4.25% and fixed 10yr terms at 25yr amortized schedules we have you covered

Business Loans

Business at times can be very hard to run especially when so much money is involved in it. But when you put your faith on Zip Loan, we would not only provide you with your required business loan but we will also ensure that you get an option of updating the loan limit after analyzing your business in future. Apart from that, we offer a business loan for small as well as big businesses regardless of the industry they are dealing with. Apart from that, we subject to exceptionally uncomplicated application methods, status, and lending assessments. Our business loans are secured with flexible borrowing options, fixed & minimal interest rates, and flexible repayment terms which can range upto 40years, repayment holiday options of up to six months and more.

However, to make you more acquainted with business loan options, we have here the answers to a few important questions which you might have on your mind before you apply for a business loan with us!

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The term business finance refers to credit and money employed in a business. It is the utilization and procurement of funds or capital so that the business firms can carry out their operations efficiently and effectively. Every small or large organization, manufacturer, or trading companies need business finance. Our business finance programs include various features to make it more comfortable and convenient for you when you apply for a loan from us. The business finance Loans are very advantageous as it allows the entrepreneurs to keep their control on the organization, they come in various types of business programs, the interest which the customer is paying is tax-deductible, and the list would go on and on.

Business finance includes every kind of funds which are needed in a business. Our business finance programs differ from one type of business to another depending on its size and nature. It can vary from time to time depending upon the market conditions too. Our programs would not only help you to raise funds from various sources but it would also aid you to invest all these funds for various purposes that would be the most beneficial for your business. Some of the essential functions of business finance are to set up businesses or help already existing businesses to meet their contingencies, to promote sales, avail business better and bring in more opportunities.

Business finance can be of different types depending on the nature and various aspects of the business in question. Nevertheless, it comes in various categories providing you with enough options so that you can choose accordingly and it includes Equity Finance Options, Selling Equity Stake of a Company, Debt Finance Options, Asset-Based Lending, Mezzanine Finance, Capital Raising Finance, and Lease Finance Options. Apart from that, there are also short-term, mid-term, and long-term business finance plans.

There are various sources of business finance which includes venture funding, euro issue, letter of credit, working capital loans, term loans, retained earnings, debentures, debt, equity, and more. These sources can be used for different purposes and situations. They can be classified depending on their generation of source, control and ownership, and period. Before opting for a specific source, it is always essential to evaluate every source of capital. It is a quite vast sector for entrepreneurs who are about to start with their business venture. Capital sources are classified depending on different parameters. You have to ensure that you opt for the correct mix of finance and the right source as it is the key challenge.

With us, you do not have to worry about getting a business loan. You just need to apply for the loan by filling up our short information form and have the right documents ready and you will be getting a business loan in no time. Sometimes we even approve loan applications within 24 hours. Ziploan does not believe in emphasizing on your credit score solely but we also consider various other aspects of your business to assist you and provide you with the financial assistance you need.

Offering you, your desired business loan is our sole motive. But with us, you do not have to worry about your credit score much whether you are applying for a small business loan or a big one. As said before, we do not emphasize on your credit score entirely while judging your eligibility but we also consider various other aspects of your business that may have an impact on the loan repayment process. The minimum credit score which you need is 550 to apply for your business loan. We at Ziploan, have kept a minimal credit score requirement so that our customers have the option of getting a business loan easily.

At Zip Loan, we have been providing the best financing solutions for small business owners for many years now. We have offered financing solutions to various business sectors and have been considered the most trustworthy financing partner for all kinds of business ventures too. Our small business zip loan allows for advanced proposals which includes

  • Funding amount of up to $300k.
  • Upfront and agreed 9% Clear Cost which is a one-time thing.
  • Unchallenging and quick onboarding process which can be even 24hours.
  • Get online decisions in less than five minutes and tailored quote as well, all without any impact on the credit score.
  • Higher approval rates
  • No late payment fines
  • No penalties, hidden charges, fees, or APR ever.

We have created our unique small business zip loan Programs for our customers to bring a revolutionary difference in the world of Business Funding. Our objective is simple: to provide truly flexible finance options so that you have the opportunity to grow your business to be a leader in your core business industry. Unlike banks, we believe in providing you with suitable funding options by analyzing your business plans so that you can benefit the most from our small business zip loan policies and programs.  Call us today for more info!

Zip Loan provides technology to meet a wide variety of needs with innovative solutions. Our development team is happy to customize anything necessary, and we look forward to helping new partners.

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