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Zip Loan is a leading provider in retail consumer financing, offering a wide variety of flexible payment plans for our members. In addition to providing installment and lease credit, and private label revolving credit Zip Loan offers a diversity of credit promotions, thanks to our network of financing companies.

Our available financing services not only provide flexible payment plans for your customers, but they also provide our members leverage when it comes to bringing in more sales.

Zip-Loan™ is financial technology company (FinTech) specializing in retail merchants. They are a disruptor using technology to provide financial services with speed, ease, and transparency.

With Dozens Of Lending Partners And The Latest Fintech Zip-Loan™ Is Disrupting The Lending Business By Streamlining The Process For Consumers & Businesses.

All Your Financial Needs Zip-LoanTM

Streamlined the underwriting process so Small and Mid-Size merchants can now access financial products only large companies could enjoy because of the due diligence required.

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How often does it happen that people miss a couple of their credit payments? Pretty frequent right? Or maybe you have a history of bankruptcy? or a County Court Judgement has been awarded against you which left you with a not-so-good rating? Well, no need to worry anymore! In case you have a poor credit rating, we are here for you! However, before you take a loan or a mortgage from us, you might want to take a step back and think about various things related to it such as,

A consumer finance is a financing method which allows specific businesses to offer financing options to their customers by taking help from an established and professional finance company. The consumer finance can be helpful for both consumers and businesses. Through consumer finance, consumers would have the option to give pocket-sized and fixed monthly payments for a certain amount of time. With consumer finance, the buyer would not have to worry about making an enormous upfront payment. It provides for a fast approval process for the applicants and includes various industries like in-home direct sales, dental, medical device financing, and more.

According to the name, no credit check financing allows the customer to secure a personal loan without the lender checking the credit score. With no credit check financing, you won’t have to face a credit check on your report. You can even apply for a loan of a fairly large amount with the help of no credit check financing.

To apply for no credit financing, you can approach us directly for the merchant consumer financing options. As we offer merchant consumer financing options to our customers, we look at various attributes of your financial statement and not specifically at your credit score unlike other lenders before we consider you eligible for a loan. Though, we might require few documents such as tax return of the last 2 years, employment proof and history, previous loan history, education records, bank statements, and few others. We offer my customers terms and conditions which can be easily met and followed.

Most of the loans are not considered as taxable income as you would be paying the money back. There are exceptions, but those apply only to specific business and not the typical business loans. Tax relief financing, allows all or some portion of your loan to be deducted. This is tax relief financing, where you have the option to typically deduct the interest which you have paid for the business loan. Unlike other banks and lenders, with us, you have tax relief financing option for different periods of time depending on your loan type.

A business finance loan is a type of loan which you can avail in order to meet any urgent requirements of your business. A business finance loan can be used for growing an existing business, boost production, buy machinery, and more. You can avail a business finance loan at minimal interest rates, comfortable repayment period, borrow a capital without having to pledge your assets, and more. A business finance loan can be applied for small as well as huge businesses.

Looking for consumer financing for small business and large businesses? Depending on your business type and requirements, you can apply for consumer financing for small business and large business. There are various kinds of loans such as bridge loans, SBA loans, Commercial Real-Estate Loans, Merchant Cash Advances, Construction Loans, Rehab Loans, Equipment Leasing, and more. These are considered as the best financing options for businesses. We offer my customers terms and conditions which they can easily comply with especially when they are applying for consumer financing for small business.

There are various categories of customer financing programs for people who have a small business. They are easily processed without any delay or any hardships. The customer financing programs offer loans to small businesses dealing in any industry. The interest rates of customer financing programs are very pocket-friendly which also comes with the flexible repayment date.

With an increasing demand for money in society, people have various essential needs which cannot be met due to paucity of money. In regards to that, there are various consumer finance programs for merchants which are considered as the best as they cover almost every consumer requirement sector. Some of these consumer finance programs for merchants include Pet Sales and Veterinarian Services, Powersports, Funeral, Medical Devices, Medical Services, Home Improvement, Consumer Goods, Furniture Financing, Jewelry and Bridal, and Automotive Repair.

In Zip Loan, we provide various payment options for my customers. We know taking a loan can be easy but when it comes to repaying of that same loan, it becomes a bit difficult. Along with low-interest rates and various payment options, we have tried to make repaying of loans easy as well. The different payment options for my customers allow them to choose repayment options which would suit them the best. We offer loan payment,

  • With delayed starting of EMI payments
  • By linking the idle savings bank account
  • With increasing EMIs
  • With decreasing EMIs
  • With a longer repayment period
  • With a waiver of EMIs

We are not lenders, neither a bank, but a Fin-tech and we offer personal financial management, financial data analytics, capital markets, corporate & banking finance, and more. We offer my customers terms which are not complex at all. We believe in providing the multiple offers, creative lending methods, flexible repayment terms, streamlined paperwork, more generous approval, and more easy financing options so that people can easily grow their business or meet their requirements without having to worry about monetary issues. So do not wait any more, and apply for a loan with our existing payment options for my customers right away!

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Zip Loan provides technology to meet a wide variety of needs with innovative solutions. Our development team is happy to customize anything necessary, and we look forward to helping new partners.

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