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The Most Advanced BNPL Product of 2022

Only the last 4 digits of the social security number is needed, along with some other basic information to verify identity. No paperwork, no email electronic signature. Simply use the 16-digit number and your purchase is financed and paid in full.
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The Easiest Point of Sale Financing For Instant Approvals In The Market Today

Instant Approvals Up To $10,000

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Consumer Financing Approval Product You Don’t Want Your Competition To Have

Our QR code application allows consumers to obtain instant approval for immediate access to funds.

When making a purchase, it functions identically to a Visa, Mastercard, or other physical card. This ease of use, among other factors, has quickly led our virtual card and instant decision engine technology to become one of the most cost-efficient, convenient BNPL consumer financing products in the marketplace today.

This virtual line can only be used at your location.

Sales Finance Group’s instant credit technology has created the easiest form of consumer financing by eliminating all the friction at the time of sale.

Our Simple Steps

1. Registration Is Always FREE

Within 48 to 72 hours your business will be approved and ready to offer financing with no risk or reserve.

2. 100% Paperless – No Docs To Sign

With a simple QR code or text link your client taps, fills out a few form fields and their last four digits of their social, and the approved 16-digit virtual card is ready to use.

3. Fund Your Business

Just like a normal credit card transaction, you key in the 16 digits and the sale is made with ZERO risk to your business!

4. Consumer Line of Credit

Customer is approved for $10,000 and only uses $4,000 today. You now have the ability to make more sales at a later date with $6,000 credit remaining.

5. Register Your Business

Your business will be highlighted as an approved SFG consumer financing provider. Our product doesn’t place a hold on the client’s credit, BUT issues new credit virtually at the time of sale with no recourse.

6. Promote, Engage And Make More Sales

Just like a normal credit card transaction, you key in the 16 digits and the sale is made with ZERO risk to your business!

There Is No Other

Financing Instrument Like This In The Market Today

Gone are the days of lengthy applications, lengthy approval times and all that frustration. The future of financing is here. With the most cost effective, zero risk and instant, on-site consumer financing approvals you can now outsell your competition!

Traditional Consumer Financing

All Of Our Programs Fund YOU, The Merchant, And Never The Client

For loan amounts above $10,000 our traditional consumer financing options, for all credit scores, can offer your customers instant approval up to $50,000 with terms ranging from 12 to 60 months.

In Home Sales Financing

  • Cleaning Systems Financing
  • Air Purification System Financing
  • Alarm System Financing
  • Pool Financing
  • Patio Furniture Financing
  • Generator Financing
  • Home Automation Financing
  • HVAC Financing
  • Home Improvement Financing
  • Outdoor Landscape Financing
  • Water Filtration Financing

Retail Financing + Ecommerce

  • Appliance Financing
  • ATV, Pit Bikes, Side By Sides
  • Bridal Wedding Financing
  • Flooring Financing
  • Furniture Financing
  • Jewelry Financing
  • Lawn and Snow Equipment
  • Financing
  • Mattress Financing
  • Pet Financing
  • Pet Training Financing

Medical Financing

  • Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
  • Dental Financing
  • Hearing Aid Financing
  • Lasik Surgery Financing
  • Medical Equipment Financing
  • Mobility Mobility Financing
  • Medical Procedure Financing
  • Stem Cell Financing
  • Hormone Therapy Financing

Professional Services Financing

  • Coaching Programs/Seminars Financing
  • Legal Services Law Firm Financing
  • Debt Settlement Fee Financing
  • Business Opportunity Financing
  • Tax Resolution Financing
  • Tax Preparing Financing
  • Timeshare Relief Financing
  • Alarms CCTV Financing
  • Weight Loss Financing
  • Veterinary Financing
  • Funeral Home Financing
  • Vocational Schools Financing

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