Our Story and Our Search for a Jewish Surrogate

We are a very happily married Jewish couple that has been trying to have a child for 8.5 years. We live in Ann Arbor, Michigan and love it! Karra is a social science researcher and Josh is a software engineer. Until we have human babies, we have our dog fur babies, August and Valiant. For medical reasons, we need a gestational surrogate. We are seeking a kind and responsible, Jewish surrogate who wants to do an enormously good deed—bringing a Jewish child into the world to do good things for humanity and bringing us the personal joy of being loving and devoted parents.

How can we help?

Please start a conversation about surrogacy with mothers of your temple / synagogue / pre-school, ages 25-40, who may be interested in helping us. Please hand out or e-mail this flyer to appropriate temple / synagogue staff who in turn will distribute / email the flyer to potentially interested parties.

We are very actively involved in the local, national, and international Jewish Community, volunteering frequently.

Our fertility clinic, California Fertility Partners, is one of the best in the world. Our Dr. will provide excellent medical care to a surrogate at the very beginning of the process and then she will continue the process with an obstetrician / gynecologist.

The professional surrogacy agency (disclosed to surrogate applicants) will empower a surrogate with a lawyer, a third-party managed escrow fund for monies paid to her, support groups and counseling as desired, and all medical and legal protections, with no out-of-pocket costs.

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